Weight Estimation Quiz

Testing the usability of different formulae for prizes....

There are various methods to estimating childrens' weights. Although there are studies comparing accuracy, there are none examining how easy each is to use.
The purpose of this quiz is to test how quickly and accurately you are able to apply four common methods of weight estimation.

For each method you will first be shown an introductory slide. Once you are happy with how to use it, click to start the questions. The method's explaination will remain on screen while you are timed applying it to the weights of seven children. After this the clock will pause to allow you to read about the next method before starting again.

Your score will be based upon a combination of accuracy and speed. Although a decidedly low-fi simulation, we would like you to try to behave as you would in real life if called to an emergency. So if you normally use a calculator to do these calculations please do the same here. You can enter as many times as you want. There will be prizes for top scores, so be competitive!

Good Luck & thanks for taking part!

Any comments or questions, email: robin.marlow@bristol.ac.uk

To keep track of repeated entries (& eventually email prize winners!) please enter your email address. Personal details / email addresses will not be shared. Only your username will be published on the leaderboard.


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